Monday, 5 September 2011

August 2011 Lip Products Haul

Hey guys,

Here's an accumulation of lip products I purchased this August. I absolutely LOVE all shades!

Back row, from left to right:
Maybelline COLORsensational in 140 Fuchsia Fever
MAC matte lipstick in Lady Danger
Joe Fresh Style lip gloss in Peach
Joe Fresh lip gloss in Kiss
MAC amplified lipstick in Blankety
MAC amplified lipstick in Up The Amp

Front row:
MAC lip erase lip balm in Dim

Top: Joe Fresh Style lip gloss in Peach
Bottom: Joe Fresh lip gloss in Kiss

These lipglosses are extremely glossy. Not shimmery at all, which I absolutely love! They are not extremely pigmented, so not ideal to wear alone, however FANTASTIC to wear over any brown- or peach-toned lipstick combo. The pink shaded gloss is of course great to wear over purples, pinks, nude pinks. 

I have never purchased, but have tried NARS' Turkish Delight (NTD), and have found that this is a great or even better dupe to it. NTD is very runny in my opinion, hence why I have never purchased it. I also find it quite sheer. "Kiss" is more pigmented, and works great over lipsticks. I have also purchased Bonne Bell's Strawberry Parfait, which some claim to be a dupe to NTD... I think NOT. "Kiss" is a great dupe!

Maybelline COLORsensational in 140 Fuchsia Fever

Not much to say, except this is a beautiful fuchsia lipstick. Highly pigmented and you just can't go wrong with this drugstore product. Beautiful for summer, but I think also very wear-able during the colder months. It's beautiful!

MAC lip erase lip balm in Dim

I have mentioned this product to Steph (
already. I have tried using concealer or foundation over my lips, but my lips are excessively dry. No matter what I try, let it be coconut oil, lip balms, lip glosses, vaseline, ointment, etc etc. All have failed. Thus, applying concealer just made things worse.
I swear by this product! ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE if you have pigmented lips. My lips are naturally dark red and this is a great way to neutralize your natural lip color.
BEAUTIFUL, but please do not wear this alone.

Left: MAC amplified lipstick in Up The Amp
A beautiful purply-pink shade. More purple than pink. Excellent pigment.

Middle: MAC amplified lipstick in Blankety
My favorite pink nude of all time. Very creamy and doesn't need to be blended with anything else. Add lipgloss "Kiss" for that extra oo-zey effect to the lips!

Right: MAC matte lipstick in Lady Danger
AMAZING purchase. For us warm- or neutral-toned folk, this is an absolute must-have! I have tried other reds from MAC to NARS to Revlon... This is hands down the one that best suits my skin color. Close enough, but not quite... to Nars' Red Square lip pencil.

That's all folks!



  1. The Maybelline lipstick looks really nice! And Up The Amp is my all-time faaave (but we've already discussed that)!!!

  2. the reason i got up the amp is because of you! lol!

  3. k, moi j'ai BESOIN du lip erase lip balm LIVE!! I didn't even know that product existed!! How much is it?? And while I'm there, I might as well get Up The Amp since both of you have it, don't wanna be left out!! awesome post babe xox

  4. Ummmmmm you need to buy it like... Yesterday!!!! its amaZing and moisturizing!!! Not drying!!! I love it. Soooo much better than foundation, concealer, or even worse... Powder over your lips!!!!
    Thanks for the comment babe.
    Btw, for UTA, i would try it on... Not just swatch it on ur hand cuz on my hand... It looked blue/purple... It was cool-toned. With the balm, and on my lips, it became warm-toned. Much better!!!