Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lunchbreak Haul

Last week, I took a small stroll around my office building... Really didn't get too much, but wanted to show you these goodies at least!

From left to right:
I love geeks (vanilla)
Passionfruit colada
Marshmallow treat
Jelly jam donut
(Not pictured here: Chocolate creme donut)

LOVE these handsanitizers (aka "antibacterial gels") from Bath and Body Works. They were 5 for $5, so why not?!
I know... don't overdo the hand sanitizer since it kills your "good bacteria" - in ANY event, I enjoy these. Great for the car and small enough to fit into the smallest pocket! I am definitely a sucker for sweet (extremely SWEET), chocolatey, sugary, vanilla-ey scents!

Off to the pharmacy... one of my all-time favorite mascaras. Has never failed me. First purchased in 2002, and probably buy four of these a year. FAVORITE. Would like to try the Voluminous Million Lash version as well... soon!

After watching millions of YouTube gurus use false lashes in their videos and listening to my best girl ranting about her need to purchase fake lashes for five years (you know who you are!), I finally bought my first pair. My eyelashes are average length I would say and semi-curly (no eyelash curler required), but we'll see what these look like! Also bought the infamous DUO lash glue (dark tone).

Off to a small jewelry spot.... I found these two cute choker-style necklaces at the very bottom of a shelf with a sign above them saying "sale" - on sale from $18 each to $4.99. Interesting. So, I grabbed them both. Will be cute for work.

Purchased these two Essie nail polishes, which were of course on sale! Buy one, get one 1/2 off!
Left: Essie Silken Cord - a red-red true-red!
Right: Essie Luxedo - a deep/very dark plum

On my nails:
Two coats of Essie Silken Cord
Top coat: Seche Vite Dry fast top coat

Two coats of Essie Luxedo
Top coat: Seche Vite Dry fast top coat

Both shades are a solid 10/10 - smooth texture, thick, opaque. LOVE.

That's all... see you soon!



  1. Lashes ARE the, but your lashes are already PERFECT... People, there's nothing "average" about my girl's lashes!!! They're already so long! And falsies will look AWESOME on you! And the nail polishes are niiice... Essie's the bomb! I love how they're sold everywhere now! And the necklaces are hot! All this at lunch? I'm impressed... Now that's my type of shopper: efficient! Great post!

  2. ya okaaaaay Steph. HUGE exagerration.
    I <3 essie too. i only have a couple colors, but love their texture. and they actually last decent without chipping. Red lasted 3 days, which is a record with me. i find nail polish always chips when i wash my hair.
    i can't waiiiit to see your shopping haul!!!

  3. I'm not exagerrating and you know it! Nail polish that doesn't chip doesn't exist... 3 days is probably my record too...

  4. Why cant nail polishes not chip. Im frustrated.

  5. your natural lashes are long, full & curled, they're perfect!!! I've been jealous since high school. love essie nail polishes, if only they weren't so expensive.. your pictures are beautiful babe, great post :)